Our home designs are customized to fit your lifestyle, to maximize efficiency and to suit the advantages of the building site. Using our 35 years of design experience and a working knowledge of current construction costs, green building, and innovative building techniques and materials, we cover everything from square foot planning to finish options. Our clients include both individual homeowners and luxury home builders.

  • We provide a very comprehensive set of construction drawings, including site plan, separate floor framing and roof framing plans with complete structural engineering, electrical plans and interior elevation drawings. We guarantee our plans to pass all federal, state and local building codes.
  • We offer complete renovation/remodeling plans for existing structures.
  • We provide separate consultation services regarding new construction, green building or remodeling, such as covenant compliance and Hillside ordinance compliance.
  • Over the years, we have worked with many quality builders. We can also recommend a builder whose goal and time frame will fit your needs.

Please visit our "Contact Us" page. We're looking forward to hearing from you.